Meet the Team

Our team of writers come from both sides of the tracks…

Gabrielle Nunez

Hailing from the sunnier shores of Spain, Gabrielle discovered her passion for trains at a young age.

The noughties were an exciting time to be a train enthusiast in Spain; the era saw private companies investing millions of Euros into high-speed services that linked up major cities and holiday destinations. Cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Madrid were suddenly within mere hours of each other. Gabrielle was fortunate enough to have a Father for a train conductor, giving her unprecedented access to these links and an early thirst for travel.

George Mellow

George’s extensive experience of riding the trains in Britain has left him with a veritable encyclopaedic knowledge when it comes to the routes and lines that criss-cross the country.

A travelling salesman with a fear of driving, George has spent hundreds of hours and countless nights sleeping on trains. After 25 years of travelling the tracks of Britain, selling bathroom fittings to major retailers, he was able to retire at the age of 50 to pursue his discovered passion of exploring Britain by rail.

Kate-Anne Joyceson

There are very few things that Kate-Anne enjoys today that she didn’t learn from her Grandparents.

Adopted by her elderly caregivers at the age of five, their passion for trains was the foundation for their relationship, one that lasted right up until their deaths. Today Kate-Anne strives to spread her passion for train journeys with as many people as possible, so that she can instil that same passion that saved her childhood and gave her a sense of belonging.

Simon Salisbury

The travelling bug hit Simon at an early age.

After leaving school at the age of 16, he left home with the aim of making his way to Japan. Back in the 1970s this was a much bigger challenge than it is today, especially as he didn’t plan on taking any planes. Those three years he spent drifting along the railways of the world were fraught with danger and chance encounters, but they gave him the life experience he needed to head into a career in the Railway business. Now retired, he spends his old age drifting along the tracks as he did in his youth.