Rail Resources

Although we endeavour to provide you with some entertaining articles about Train Travel, you can take a look at these Resources below, should you require some more detailed practical advice:


Mark Smith describes himself as a ‘career railwayman’.

He’s managed some of the busiest train stations in England (including Charing Cross and London Bridge & Cannon Street) and worked in other important roles in the Train Industry.

However, for the last 10 years, he’s been making a living travelling the train lines of the world and providing detailed information on his website, so that others can do the same.

Jools Stone is a copywriter/journalist by day and a train travel enthusiast…

…also in the day. Much like Mark, he’s travelled all around the world on trains and has gleefully shared his experiences on his blog. Written in an effusively excitable style, his passion for travel knows no bounds. With helpful hints and tips for would-be travellers, his site is a great source for anyone looking to plan a train based trip away.


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Although you’ll find little information on this site pertaining to British Trains, Steve Boyko’s blog is full of descriptive content, detailing his adventures as a a train spotter.

He’s got a truly versatile approach to creating content, pulling in links, videos and stunning photographs (check out @stevetraingeek for his Instagram). Although he can’t offer too much advice on travelling the rails of America, he sure does make it look appealing.

For up-to-date information on the UK rail system, the National Rail website has everything you need to know. Times, cancellations, diversions – as well as some neat ideas for days out. You might want to look elsewhere for actual tickets though…

Looking to plan a train trip in┬áthe States? America’s leading train travel provider offers competitive prices for tickets, as well as offering a Rail Pass which can grant you big savings on long distance journeys. Their customer service skills, in typical ‘Yank’ style, is excellent too!